Areterio Venous Malformation or AVM in his brain. He was having repeated strokes and seizures because of frequent bleeding from the malformation. His scans were sent to many neurosurgical centers including France. No hospital was ready to operate on him considering the complexity of the disease and possible fatal complications. I do consult in Antananarivo city which is the capital of Madagascar. I saw this man there. The family accepted the risks and came to India for the surgery. The surgery was extremely difficult (as in all AVMs) but we were able to remove it completely after 33 Hours of relentless effort. No food, no sleep; only a few toilet breaks for the surgeons. Finally we could do the unbelievable. For me personally it was an achievement, my earlier marathon surgery was for 23 hours.


This type of surgical feat is possible only with team work. I am blessed to have a perfect team which is dedicated, diligent and determined to pull off such feats!