That smile on my patient’s Face…….Priceless!


Ms Kubra came to me in February 2018 with an advanced stage of Parkinson’s Disease, a debilitating disease causing tremors, slow movements and tightness of limbs. It can cripple a person to a bed ridden stage, so was Ms Kubra. She is an Iraqi lady, referred to me by a physician there. When she came, she was unable to walk, unable to eat and talk. On evaluation, she had very advanced disease. Only option left was a Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery wherein we place deep electrodes inside the brain and stimulate brain using a pacemaker inserted under the collar bone in the upper chest.

We did the surgery in February 2018. She remained at Bangalore for rehab and programming of her DBS. She went back in April. She made a good recovery from her disease. This time she wanted to thank me and my team for giving her life back. Life full of activities, cheerfulness and most importantly, her time spent in playing with grand children. Today, she is independent in every sense, Cheerful and self confident. Immobility to full mobility in eight months. And that smile on her and husband’s faces…Priceless!

The smile on my face too is priceless considering her surgery lasting for more than 12 hours….Priceless! Life is priceless!!!