Dr Arun L Naik is a well known spine surgeon in India. He practises complex spine surgery as his passionate specialty. As a neurosurgeon, he was specially trained in difficult spinal problems in adults and children. He is known for his results in failed back surgery cases where the previous surgery was unsuccessful for varioius reasons. He has operated on those difficult and frustrating cases with very encouraging results. For this, he has developed a large pool of references in India and abroad. He is highly specialised in Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) using button hole sized skin ports which offer maximum patient comfort and early recovery. He regularly conducts training workshops in Bangalore in this subspecialty. He is pioneer in pin hole surgery like ‘Percutaneous nucleoplasty’ and ‘Balloon kyphoplasty’ where surgery is done using 3mm skin port and patient returns home on the same day of surgery.

He routinely operates patients from middle eastern countries, Africa, UK and SAARC countries. He regularly visits therse countries where he conducts teaching surgeries for young neurosurgeons and spine surgeons.

He is an established name in the field of pediatric neurosurgery especially in the field of difficult spinal birth defects and other developmental issues. He has successfully operated hundreds of newborn babies with complex spinal anomalies with excellent results./

Dr Arun L Naik, Spine Surgeon, Bangalore, India